Yearbook Members

View Felix Moos, The University of Kansas
View Troy Abel, Western Washington University
View Gordon Abner, University of Texas Austin
View Khaldoun AbouAssi, Texas A&M
View Abel Afon, Obafemi Awolowo University
View Potoae Aiafi, Victoria University of Wellington
View Scott Akins, Oregon State University
View Julia Albarracin, Western Illnois University
View Randy Albelda, University of Massachusetts Boston
View Daniel Aldrich, Northeastern University
View James Alexander, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
View Scott Allard, University of Washington
View Craig Allin, Cornell College
View Leslie Alm, Boise State University
View Christa Altenstetter, The City University of New York (Graduate Center and Queens College)
View Rachelle Alterman, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
View Catherine Althaus, University of Victoria
View Bruno Alves, ISCPSI
View Mohammed Aman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
View Lloyd Amoah, University of Ghana
View Francesco Amoretti, University of Salerno
View Jay Ananda, CQUniversity Australia
View Jessica Andrepont, Oregon State University
View Richard Andrews, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
View Mohammad Ansari, Samastipur College
View Chris Ansell, University of California
View John Anthony, National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
View Renaisa Anthony, University of Nebraska Medical Center
View Sandrina Antunes, Universidade do Minho
View James Apam, Benue State University,Makurdi,Nigeria
View Hiroshi Araki, Sakushin Gakuin University
View Brandon Archuleta, United States Military Academy at West Point
View Ofer Arian, The Academic College of Emek Yezreel
View Craig (Tony) Arnold, University of Louisville
View Michael Atkinson, University of Saskatchewan
View David Aubin, Universite Catholique de Louvain
View Matthew Auer, Bates College
View Marilyn Averill, University of Colorado at Boulder
View Regina Axelrod, Adelphi University
View Marcelo Azurduy, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
View Hunter Bacot, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
View Raed Bahelah, Florida International University
View Karen Baird, Purchase College, SUNY
View Dana Baker, California State University Channel Islands
View Nikku Bala Raju, Nepal School of Social Work
View Harald Baldersheim, University of Oslo
View J. Baldwin, University of Alabama
View Richard Balme, Sciences Po
View Nils Bandelow, University of Braunschweig
View Stephen Barber, London South Bank University
View Richard Barke, Georgia Institute of Technology
View Clyde Barrow, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
View Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche, Institut Universitaire de France - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
View Xavier Basurto, Duke University
View Alain Bauer, CNAM PARIS
View Frank Baumgartner, UNC-Chapel Hill
View Aileen Baviera, University of the Philippines Diliman
View Siddhartha Baviskar, SFI - Danish National Centre for Social Research
View Benjamin Beede, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Librarian Emeritus)
View Kai-Uwe Beger, Leuphana University Lüneburg
View Germà Bel, Universitat de Barcelona
View Lauren Bell, Randolph-Macon College
View Amy Below, Oregon State University
View Alon Ben-Meir, New York University
View Marc Bendick Jr, Bendick and Egan Economic Consultants, inc.
View William Bendix, Keene State College
View Heidi Berggren, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
View David Berman, Arizona State University
View Frances Berry, Florida State University
View Anthony Bertelli, New York University and Bocconi University
View John Besley, University of South Carolina
View Shaun Bevan, University of Edinburgh
View Matthew Beverlin, Rockhurst University
View Daniela Beyer, University of Konstanz
View Imtiaz Bhatti, The George Washington University
View Peter Biegelbauer, Austrian Institute of Technology
View Krzysztof Bielecki, UAM Poznan
View Stephen Bird, Clarkson University
View Thomas Birkland, North Carolina State University
View Robert Bish, Tulo Centre of Indiginous Economics
View John Blakeman, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
View David Blanding, Unaffiliated
View Ivar Bleiklie, University of Bergen
View William Blomquist, IUPUI
View Barry Bluestone, Northeastern University
View Sonja Blum, University of Hagen
View Nuno Boavida, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
View Jessica Boccardo, NYU
View Keith Boeckelman, Western Illinois University
View Jessica Boscarino, Marist College
View Herman Boschken, San Jose State University
View Christopher Bosso, Northeastern University
View Dr. Wallace Boston, American Public University System
View Ann Bostrom, University of Washington
View Issa Boullata, retired professor
View J. Arthur Boutellis, International Peace Institute (IPI)
View Ann Bowman, Texas A&M University
View Warigia Bowman, University of Arkansas
View Donald Braman, GWU Law School
View Steven Brams, New York University
View Lewis Branscomb, University of California San Diego
View James Brasfield, Webster University- Emeritus
View Charles Brecher, Citizens Budget Commission
View Hans Bressers, University of Twente
View Christian Breunig, University of Konstanz
View Dr. Jim Brinson, Indiana State University
View Evelyn Brodkin, University of Chicago
View Kevin Brown, Community College of Denver
View Ponlapat Buracom, National Institute of Development Administration
View Brett Burkhardt, Oregon State University
View George Busenberg, Soka University of America
View Eric Button, University of Arkansas
View John Byrne, University of Delaware
View Daniel Béland, University of Saskatchewan
View Paul Cairney, University of Stirling
View Joe Cammarano, Providence College
View Heather Campbell, Claremont Graduate University
View Patricia Campbell, American Public University
View Shannon Campbell, Oregon State University
View Sanya Carley, Indiana University
View Deven Carlson, University of Oklahoma
View David Carter, University of Utah
View Donatella Casale Mashiah, University of Haifa
View Ben Cashore, Yale University
View Lee Cerveny, Pacific Northwest Research Station (USDA Forest Service)
View Daniel Chand, Kent State University
View Samar Chatterjee, SAFE Foundation
View Greg Chen, Baruch College, City University of New York
View Peter Cheung, University of Hong kong
View Robert Christensen, Brigham Young University
View Candice Christmas, York University
View Beverly Cigler, Penn State Harrisburg
View Paul Cisneros, Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales
View Benjamin Clark, University of Oregon
View Gordon Clark, University of Oxford
View Terry Clark, University of Chicago
View Susan Clarke, University of Colorado at Boulder
View Pierre Clavel, Cornell University
View James Clinger, Murray State University
View Carlos Closa, CSIC
View Michael Cobb, North Carolina State Univeristy
View Daniel Cohn, York University
View Roland Cole, Fertile Ground for Startups & Small Firms
View Hal Colebatch, University of NSW
View Brian Collins, University of North Texas
View Dave Colnic, California State University, Stanislaus
View Louise Comfort, University of Pittsburgh
View Thaddieus Conner, New Mexico State University
View Robert Connor, National Science Foundation
View Brian Cook, Virginia Tech
View Daniel Cook, University of Nevada Reno
View Fay Lomax Cook, Northwestern University
View Philip Cooke, Cardiff University
View Brian Corbin, Walsh University
View Tanya Corbin, Radford University
View Elizabeth Corley, Arizona State University
View Costantinos Costantinos, School of Gradaute Studies, AAU
View Peter Cowhey, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
View Michael Craw, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
View Sue Crawford, Creighton University
View Audrey Cronin, American University
View William Crotty, Northeastern University
View Laura Cruz-Castro, CSIC (Spanish National Research Center)
View Jeff Cummins, California State University, Fresno
View Bradley Curs, University of Missouri
View Dorothy Daley, University of Kansas
View Kathleen Dalton, First Data Corporation
View Chux Daniels, University of Sussex
View Luciana Dar, University of California, Riverside
View Nicole Darnall, Arizona State University
View David Davis, University of Toledo
View Mark Davis, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
View Maria De Jesus, American University
View William De Soto, Texas State University at San Marcos
View Royce DeBow, Upper Iowa University
View Elizabeth DeSombre, Wellesley College
View Eloisa Del Pino, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
View William Delehanty, Missouri Southern State University
View Gemma Derrick, Brunel University
View Margaret Dewar, University of Michigan
View Cristina Diaz, Universidad Nacional de Rosario
View Alesha Doan, University of Kansas
View Charles Doarn, University of Cincinnati
View Alexandra Dobrowolsky, Saint Mary's University
View Jennifer Dodge, State University of New York, Albany
View Jameson Doig, Princeton University/Dartmouth College
View Dana Dolan, George Mason University
View David Dolowitz, University of Liverpool
View Michael Doonan, Brandeis University
View Dail Doucette, Science of Information Institute
View William Doyle, Vanderbilt University
View Yehezkel Dror, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
View Melvin Dubnick, University of New Hampshire
View Robert Duffy, Colorado State University
View Matt Dull, Virginia Tech
View Johanna Dunaway, Louisiana State University
View Patrick Dunleavy, London School of Economics
View Robert Durant, Emeritus Professor American University
View Thomas Dye, Florida State (Emeritus)
View Dana Dyson, University of Michigan - Flint
View Burkard Eberlein, York University, Schulich School of Business
View Andrew Eck, George Mason University
View Bryce Edwards, University of Otago
View George Edwards, Texas A&M University
View Fred Eidlin, Czech University of Life Sciences
View Marc Eisner, Wesleyan University
View El-Sayed El-Aswad, UAEU
View Howard Elcock, Nortumbria University
View Dallas Elgin, 2M Research
View Mohamed Elkaramany, Oregon State University
View Warren Eller, University of North Carolina Pembroke
View William Ellis, Auburn University, Montgomery
View Daniel Else, Congressional Research Service
View Seyed Emamian, Edinburgh University
View Mark Embrett, McMaster University
View Isabelle Engeli, University of Ottawa
View Molly Engle, Oregon State University
View Steven Erie, University of California, San Diego
View Howard Ernst, United States Naval Academy
View Nevbahar Ertas, University of Alabama at Birmingham
View David Ervin, Portland State University
View Adolfo Eslava, EAFIT University
View Michael Esler, Ohio Wesleyan University
View Andrea Fachel Leal, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
View Bridget Fahey, Syracuse University
View C. Fair, Georgetown
View Michael Farmer, Texas Tech University
View Michelle Feder, University at Albany
View Sheeba Fehmi, JNU
View Richard Feiock, Florida State University
View Daniel Feldman, John Jay College
View David Feldman, University of California at Irvine
View Louis Ferleger, Boston University
View Mark Fermanich, APA Consulting
View James Ferris, University of Southern California
View Pedro Fidelman, University of the Sunshine Coast
View Charles Field, University of Maryland
View Maria Figueroa-Armijos, George Mason University
View Frank Fischer, University of Kassel, Germany
View Manuel Fischer, Eawag
View Hillary K Fishler, Oregon State University
View Richard Fording, University of Alabama
View Richard Fossey, University of North Texas
View Feruzi Foze, University of Kwa Zulu Natal
View Aimee Franklin, University of Oklahoma
View Joshua Franzel, Center for State and Local Government Excellence, International City/County Management Association, and American University
View Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, SUNY, Buffalo
View Alisa Fryar, University Of Oklahoma
View Ester Fuchs, Columbia University
View Susan Fuhrman, Teachers College, Columbia University
View Rose Fumpa, The Copperbelt University
View Scott Furlong, SUNY Oswego
View Francesca Gains, University of Manchester
View Thomas Gais, Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
View B. Gallagher, Southern Methodist University
View Deborah Gallagher, Duke University
View Sally Gallagher, Oregon State University
View Elizabeth Garbrah-Aidoo, Virginia Union University
View Julian Garritzmann, University of Konstanz
View John Gastil, Pennsylvania State University
View Scott Gates, University of Oslo
View Jay Gatrell, Indiana State University
View Joyce Gelb, City University of New York
View Harold Geller, George Mason University
View Joshua Gellers, University of North Florida
View Brian Gerber, Arizona State University
View Andrea Gerlak, University of Arizona
View Iris Geva-May, Baruch College ay CUNY
View Jonathan Gifford, George Mason University
View Fabrizio Gilardi, University of Zurich
View Eytan Gilboa, Bar-Ilan University
View John Gillroy, Lehigh University
View Leon Ginsberg, Retired
View Leanne Giordono, Oregon State University
View Michael Givel, University of Oklahoma, Norman
View Terri Givens, University of Texas at Austin
View Mark Glaser, Wichita State University
View Erik Godwin, Texas A&M University
View Marcia Godwin, University of La Verne
View R. Godwin, Retired
View Claudio Gonzalez, Universidad de Concepcion
View Camilo González, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano
View Michael Goodman, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
View Maithreyi Gopalan, Indiana University, Bloomington
View Christopher Gore, Ryerson University
View William Gormley, Jr., Georgetown University
View Kristin Goss, Duke University
View Nihit Goyal, National University of Singapore
View Elizabeth Graddy, University of Southern California
View Virginia Gray, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
View Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Aarhus University
View David Greenberg, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
View Scott Greer, University of Michigan
View Jason Grissom, Vanderbilt University
View Matt Grossmann, Michigan State University
View Jia Guo, Beijing Normal University
View Kuhika Gupta, University of Oklahoma
View David Guston, Arizona State University
View Peter Haas, University of Massachusetts Amherst
View Simon Haeder, West Virginia University
View Donald Haider-Markel, University of Kansas
View Maarten Hajer, Utrecht University
View Kathleen Hale, Auburn University
View Jeremy Hall, University of Central Florida
View Thad Hall, University of Utah
View Ronald Hallett, University of the Pacific
View Heejin Han , National University of Singapore
View Roger Handberg, University of Central Florida
View Yufan Hao, University of Macau
View Scott Hardy, McDaniel College
View Mehrdad Hariri, Canadian Science Policy Centre
View Suzan Harkness, University of the District of Columbia
View Marcia Harpaz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
View Jonathan Harrington, Troy University
View Jeffrey Hart, Indiana University
View Megan Hatch, Cleveland State University
View Warren Hatch, Good Judgment Inc
View Laura Hatcher, Southern Illinois University
View Daniel Hauser, Portland State University
View Ferzana Havewala, University of Texas at Dallas
View Daniel Hawes, Kent State University
View Michael Hayes, Colgate University
View Richard Hays, Jr., University of Northern Iowa
View Brian Head, The University of Queensland
View James Hearn, University of Georgia
View Ronald Heck, University of Hawaii at Manoa
View Colleen Heflin, University of Missouri
View Simon Hegelich, University of Siegen
View Tanya Heikkila, University of Colorado Denver
View B. Heinmiller, Brock University
View Carolyn Heinrich, University of Texas at Austin
View Steven Hemelt, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
View Jeffrey Henig, Columbia University
View Paul Henman, The University of Queensland
View Irene Henriques, York University
View Daniel Henstra, University of Waterloo
View Uk Heo, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
View Leon Hermans, Delft University of Technology
View Francisco Herreros, CSIC
View Kerry Herron, University of Oklahoma (Retired)
View Frederick Hess, American Enteprise Institute
View W. Hildreth, Georgia State University
View Sarah Hill, California State University, Fullerton
View Walter Hill, St. Mary's College of Maryland
View John Hird, University of Massachusetts Amherst
View Adelheid Holl, CSIC (Spanish National Research Council)
View Brian Holland, Policy Consultant
View John Hoornbeek, Kent State University
View Robert Hoppe, University of Twente
View David Houle, University of Michigan
View Sissel Hovik, Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences
View Christopher Howard, College of William & Mary
View Joseph Howard, University of Central Arkansas
View Robert Howard, Georgia State University
View Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University
View Michele Hoyman, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
View Shu-Hsiang Hsu, TransWorld University
View Xiaochu Hu, University of the District of Columbia
View Michael Huelshoff, University of New Orleans
View Jeroen Huisman, Ghent University
View Richard Hula, Michigan State University
View Karen Hult, Virginia Tech
View Peter Hupe, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
View Laura Hussey, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
View Thaddeus Hwong, York University
View Miriam Hänni, University of Konstanz
View Osarumwense Iguisi, Euro-African Capacity Development Centre
View Doug Imig, University of Memphis
View Ufot Inamete, Florida A&M University
View Michelle Inderbitzin, Oregon State University
View William Ingle, University of Louisvile
View Karin Ingold, University of Bern
View Helen Ingram, University of Arizona and University of California at Irvine
View Judith Innes, University of California Berkeley
View Ming Ivory, James Madison University
View Linda Jackson, Michigan State University
View Alan Jacobs, University of British Columbia
View Kathryn Jacobsen, George Mason University
View Peter Jacques, University of Central Florida
View Mark James, University of Oklahoma
View Maya Jegen, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
View Hank Jenkins-Smith, University of Oklahoma
View Bruce Jennings, Vanderbilt University
View Edward Jennings, University of Kentucky
View Will Jennings, University of Southampton
View Gyung-Ho Jeong, University of British Columbia
View Raghbendra Jha , Australian National University
View Ashley Jochim, University of Washington
View Peter John, University College London
View Carolyn Johns, Ryerson University
View Åge Johnsen, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
View David Johnson, Missouri State University
View Gary Johnson, Weber State University
View Liz Johnson, University of North Caroliba Charlotte
View Van Johnston, University of Denver
View Bryan Jones, University of Texas At Austin
View Michael Jones, Oregon State University
View Andy Jordan, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change
View Marty Jordan, Michigan State University
View Kwangho Jung, Seoul National University
View Jens Jungblut, Stanford University
View Helge Jörgens, ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
View Dan Kahan, Yale University
View Sheldon Kamieniecki, University of California - Santa Cruz
View Andrew Karch, University of Minnesota
View Raj Kattula, University of Hyderabad
View Derek Kauneckis, University of Nevada
View Karen Kedrowski, Winthrop University
View Ann Keller, University of California,Berkeley
View Brianna Kennedy, University of Utrecht
View Sheila Kennedy, Indiana University and Purdue University,Indianapolis
View Cornelius "Neil" Kerwin, American University
View Anne Khademian, Virginia Tech
View Kapil Khunt, Researcher
View Elsa Khwaja, George Mason University
View So Young Kim, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)
View Yoonho Kim, University of Seoul
View Heather King, Oregon State University
View Marva King, George Mason University
View John Kingdon, University of Michigan
View Gordon Kingsley, Georgia Institute of Technology
View Eric Kingson, Syracuse University
View Thomas Klassen, York University
View Christopher Klyza, Middlebury College
View Jack Knott, University of Southern California
View Lada Kochtcheeva, North Carolina State University
View Elizabeth Koebele, University of Nevada Reno
View Harald Koht, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
View Nuruddeen Koko, Usmanu Danfodiyo University
View Nina Kolleck, Freie Universität Berlin
View Edward Kolodziej, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
View David Konisky, Indiana University
View Tomas Koontz, Ohio State University
View Briana Kordsmeier, University of Arkansas
View Fae Korsmo, National Science Foundation
View Chris Koski, James Madison University
View Michael Kraft, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
View Dale Krane, University of Nebraska at Omaha
View Anthony Kreis, University of Georgia
View Thomas Kriger, North America's Building Trades Unions
View Karl Kronebusch, Baruch College / CUNY
View Glen Krutz, University of Oklahoma
View Daniel Kuebler, University of Zurich
View Johanna Kuhlmann, University of Braunschweig
View Stefan Kuhlmann, University of Twente
View David Kumar, Florida Atlantic University
View Howard Kunreuther, University of Pennsylvania
View Rick Kurtz, Ferris State University
View casey LaFrance
View Erick Lachapelle, Université de Montréal
View Robert Lackey, Oregon State University
View Stella Ladi, Queen Mary, University of London
View Frank Laird, University of Denver
View Meeyoung Lamothe, University of Oklahoma
View Scott Lamothe, Univerisity of Oklahoma
View Jason Lane, SUNY System Administration
View Laura Langbein, American University
View Rebecca Langer, Oregon State University
View Brooke Lanie, University of Texas at Dallas
View Christopher Larimer, University of Northern Iowa
View Heather Larsen-Price, University of Memphis
View Sarah Larson, IUPUI
View Miriam Laugesen, Columbia University
View Stéphane Lavertu, The Ohio State University
View Melissa Layne, American Public University System
View Fred Lazin, Ben Gurion University of the Negev Beer Sheva, Israel
View William Leach, University of Southern California
View Vitalii Lebediuk, National University Ostroh Academy
View Beth Leech, Rutgers University
View David Levi-Faur, Hebrew University
View Oren Levin-Waldman, Metropolitan College of New York and Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity
View Gregory Lewis, Georgia State University
View Paul Lewis, Arizona State University
View Aaron Ley, University of Rhode Island
View Jiaqi Liang, University of Illinois at Chicago
View Michael Lindell, University of Washington
View Stefan Lindow, Goettingen University
View Eric Lindquist, Boise State University
View Gustave Lipo, University
View Abraham Liu, University of Macau
View Xinsheng Liu, Texas A&M University
View Delgermaa Lkhasuren , University of Minnesota
View Martin Lodge, London School of Economics and Political Science
View Martin Lodge, LSE
View John Logan, Brown University
View Dianne Long, Cal Poly
View Mark Long, University of Washington
View Nicholas Lovrich, Washington State University
View Robert Lowry, University of Texas at Dallas
View William Lowry, Washington University
View Chunlong Lu, China University of Political Science and Law
View Mark Lubell, UC Davis
View Adam Luedtke, City University of New York
View Joannah Luetjens, Utrecht University
View Christina Luke, University at Albany
View Mari Luna De La Rosa, Azusa Pacific University
View Lennart Lundqvist, University of Gothenburg
View Trevor Lungwe, Family Health International
View Iseult Lynch, University of Birmingham
View Thomas Lyon, University of Michigan
View BRIJ MOHAN, Louisiana State University
View Gonzalo Macedo Martin del Campo, Loyola University Chicago
View Jason Machado
View Daniel Madar, Brock University
View Moses Magali, NYC Center for Economic Opportunity
View Mark Maggio, Des Moines Area Community College
View Nadeeka Mahamadachchi, University of Kelaniya
View Rasigan Maharajh, Tshwane University of Technology
View Daniel Mallinson, Penn State Harrisburg
View Maria Malmström, The Nordic Africa Institute; Univ. of Gothenburg
View Peter Mameli, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
View Sharique Manazir, Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi
View Marie-Louise Mangion, University of Malta
View Maruice Mangum, North Carolina A&T State University
View William Mangun, East Carolina University
View Paul Manna, College of William & Mary
View Ahmed Mansour, United Arab Emirates University
View Moshe Maor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
View Helen Margetts, University of Oxford
View Patrik Marier, Concordia University
View Theodore Marmor, Yale University
View Melissa Marschall, Rice University
View Hernando Martinez, John Jay College &York College
View Stuty Maskey, Oregon State University
View Susan Mason, Boise State University
View Elena Mastors, University of Phoenix
View Sharon Mastracci, University of Utah
View Richard Matland, Loyola University Chicago
View Simon Matti, Luleå University of Technology
View Peter May, University of Washington
View Victoria Mayer, Colby College
View Rick Mayes, University of Richmond
View Amy Mazur, Washington State University
View Michael Mba, Central Bank of Nigeria
View Mark McBeth, Idaho State University
View Fletcher McClellan, Elizabethtown College
View James McComick, Iowa State University
View Hilary McConnaughey, Brown University
View Daniel McCool, University of Utah
View Meghan McCormick, New York University
View Nicole McDonald, University of Saskatchewan
View Deborah McFarlane, University of New Mexico
View James McGann, Universtity of Pennsylvania
View Michael McGinnis, Indiana University
View Alan McGowan, The New School
View Patrick McGuinn, Drew University
View Chad McGuire, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
View Matthew McKinney, The University of Montana
View Caitlin McLean, University of California-Berkeley
View Michael McLendon, Southern Methodist University
View Dr. Robert McMonagle, Neumann University
View B. McMullen, Oregon State University
View Bryan McQuide, Grand View University
View Lettie McSpadden, Northern Illinois University, Emerita
View Lawrence Mead, New York University
View Alex Medler, National Charter Schools Resource Center
View Jack Meek, University of La Verne
View Benjamin Meier, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
View Kenneth Meier, Texas A&M University
View Ruth Meinzen-Dick, International Food Policy Resarch Institute
View Anthony Messina, Trinity College
View David Meyer, University of California, Irvine
View Susan Mezey, Loyola University Chicago
View Sarah Michaels, University of Nebraska
View Ed Miller, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
View Edward Miller, University of Massachusetts Boston
View Hugh Miller, Florida Atlantic University
View Hugh Miller, Florida Atlantic University
View Lisa Miller, Rutgers University
View Katrina Miller-Stevens, Colorado College
View Russell Mills, Bowling Green State University
View H. Milward, University of Arizona
View Michael Mintrom, Monash University
View Alex Mintz, IDC-Israel
View Jerry Mitchell, Baruch College, CUNY
View Joshua Mitchell, University of Arkansas
View Ronald Mitchell, University of Oregon
View Barry Mitnick, University of Pittsburgh
View Ian Mitroff, UC Berkeley
View Nor Mohamed Yusof, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
View Ivan Montiel, Loyola Marymount University
View Éric Montpetit, Universite de Montreal
View Christopher Mooney, University of Illinois at Springfield
View Susan Moore, Murdoch University
View Felix Moos, University of Kansas
View Marie Mora, University of Texas-Pan American
View John Morris, Old Dominion University
View Peter Mortensen, Aarhus University
View Göktuğ Morçöl, Penn State University At Harrisburg
View Samantha Mosier, Missouri State University
View Eric Moskowitz, College of Wooster
View Stéphane Moyson, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
View Gary Mucciaroni, Temple University
View Kevin Mullinix, Appalachian State University
View Stephen Mumme, Colorado State University
View Haley Murphy, Oklahoma State University
View Juliet Musso, University of Southern California
View M NEACE, TheRainMakers-TBL
View Pamela Nadash, University of Massachusetts Boston
View Robert Nakamura, University at Albany, SUNY
View Sarabjeet Natesan, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras
View Grant Neeley, University of Dayton
View Christopher Neff, University of Sydney
View Emily Neff-Sharum, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
View Gregory Nemet, University of Wisconsin At Madison
View Mani Nepal, South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) & Tribhuvan University
View Yeva Nersisyan, University of Missouri-Kansas city
View Kathryn Newcomer, George Washington University
View David Nice, Washington State University
View Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University
View Helle Nielsen, Aarhus University
View Daniel Nohrstedt, Uppsala University
View Douglas Noonan, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
View Shane Nordyke, University of South Dakota
View Emma Norman, Universidad de las Americas - Puebla
View Eric Novotny, The American University
View Matthew Nowlin, College of Charleston
View Anthony Nownes, University of Tennessee
View Ronald Oakerson, Houghton College
View Holona Ochs, Lehigh University
View Liselotte Odgaard, Royal Danish Defence College
View Andres Olaya, Universidad de Antioquia
View Thomas Oliver, University of Wisconsin—Madison
View Jarrod Olson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
View Nick Or, University of Southampton
View Eszter Oroszlany, King´s College London; Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin
View Shannon Orr, Bowling Green State University
View John Owens, The University of Westminster
View Douglas Oxley, University of Wyoming
View Robert Paehlke, Trent University
View Gary Painter, University of Southern California
View Jon Palfreman, University of Oregon
View Howard Palley, University of Maryland, Baltimore
View Marian Palley, University of Delaware
View Marian Palley, University of Delaware
View João Paraskeva, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
View Hun Myoung Park, International University of Japan
View Paulette Parker, Williamsburg Health Foundation
View Andrew Parkin, Flinders University
View Eric Patashnik, University of Virginia
View Stephanie Paterson, Concordia University
View Durgesh Pathak, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
View Andrew Pattison, Colgate University
View Cymie Payne, Rutgers University
View Rodger Payne, University of Louisville
View Laura Peck, Abt Associates
View Riccardo Pelizzo, Nazarbayev University
View Praveen Prabhu Perumalla, Bible Society of India
View David Peterson, Iowa State university
View Holly Peterson, Oregon State University
View Mark Peterson, University of California, Los Angeles
View Steven Peterson, Penn State Harrisburg
View Peter Phillips, University of Saskatchewan
View Jonathan Pierce, Seattle University
View Patrick Pierce, Saint Mary's College
View Wilford Pinkney, Monroe College
View Maureen Pirog, Indiana University
View Gregory Plagens, The University of Akron
View Robert Plotnick, University of Washington
View Mario Pontes, Instituto Defesa Nacional
View Kent Portney, Texas A&M University
View John Portz, Northeastern University
View Matthew Potoski, University of California, Santa Barbara
View Karan Powell, American Public University System
View Sarah Pralle, Syracuse University
View Byron Price, Texas Southern University
View Kimala Price, San Diego State University
View Eric Prier, Florida Atlantic University
View Edward Proctor, Principal
View Colin Provost, University College London
View Todd Pugatch, Oregon State University
View Barry Pump, Office of the Historian
View Juris Pupcenoks, Marist College
View Steven Puro, St. Louis University
View Paul Quirk, University of British Columbia
View Siamul Rabbany, UNDP
View Thomas Rabovsky, Indiana University
View Claudio Radaelli, Exeter UK
View Beryl Radin, Georgetown University
View Dayah Radzi, UPM
View Pravesh Raghoo, Oregon State University
View Dianne Rahm, Texas State University
View Saeed Rahnema, York University
View M. Ramesh, National University of Singapore
View Dhamo Ran, Bharathidasan University
View Golam Rasul, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
View José Real-Dato, University of Almería (Spain)
View Sarah Reckhow, Michigan State University
View Steven Redd, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
View Christopher Reenock, Florida State University
View Carmen Reinhart, Harvard
View Sandra Resodihardjo, Radboud University Nijmegen
View Deanna Rexe, Simon Fraser University
View Edward Rhodes, George Mason University
View Sybil Rhodes, Universidad del CEMA
View Paul Rich, George Mason University
View Lilliard Richardson, IUPUI
View Richard Richardson Jr., New York University
View Frank Ridzi, Cny community foundation/ Le Moyne college
View Elizabeth Rigby, The George Washington University
View Albert Riley, DePaul
View Jo Rios, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
View Joseph Ripberger, University of Oklahoma
View Jorge Rivera, The George Washington University School of Business
View Alice Robbin, Indiana University
View Jody Roberts, Chemical Heritage Foundation
View J. Robertson, University of the West Indies
View Robbie Robichau, Arizona State University
View Deanna Robinson, University of Oregon
View Scott Robinson, University of Oklahoma
View José Rocha, The University of Texas at El Paso
View Rene Rocha, University of Iowa
View Bruce Rocheleau, Northern Illinois University
View Sandra Rodrigues Balão, University of Lisbon
View Chul-Young Roh, Lehman College - City University of New York
View Nuno Miguel Rolo, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
View Mark Rom, Georgetown University
View Pauline Rosenau, University of Texas - School of Public Health
View Walter Rosenbaum, University of Florida
View David Rosenbloom, American University
View Andre-Noel Roth, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
View Christine Rothmayr Allison, Universite de Montreal
View Clair Rudison, Iowa Human Rights Department
View Amanda Rutherford, Texas A&M University
View Paul Rutledge, University of West Georgia
View Jay Ryu, Ohio University
View George Sabat, The Lebanese Center for Public Information
View Wolfgang Sachsenroeder, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore Political Party Forum Southeast Asia
View Barbara Saerbeck, Freie University Berlin
View Harald Saetren, University of Bergen
View Fritz Sager, University of Bern
View Peter Sand, University of Munich
View Luis Sanz-Menendez, CSIC (Spanish National Research Center)
View Joshua Sapotichne, Michigan State University
View Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson, Wayne State University
View Carmine Scavo, East Carolina University
View Peter Scharf, LSU School of Public Health
View Nathalie Schiffino, Université catholique de Louvain
View Edella Schlager, University of Arizona
View Ronald Schmidt, California State University at Long Beach
View Anne Schneider, Arizona State University
View Saundra Schneider, Michigan State University
View John Scholz, Florida State University
View William Schreckhise , University of Arkansas
View Klaus Schubert, University of Muenster
View David Schultz, Hamline University
View Stephen Schwalbe, American Public University
View Katrina Schwartz, Woodrow Wilson Center
View Mildred Schwartz, University of Illinois at Chicago and New York University
View Michael Scicchitano, University of Florida
View John Scott, University of North Carolina
View James Sears, Community IP
View Henrik Selin, Boston University
View Bill Sewell, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
View Paru Shah, Macalester College
View Ronald Shaiko, Dartmouth College
View Elizabeth Shanahan, Montana. State University
View Nancy Shank, University of Nebraska
View Kelly Shannon, University of Alaska Anchorage
View Ira Sharkansky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
View Deepak Sharma, University of Technology Sydney
View Elaine Sharp, University of Kansas
View Greg Shaw, Illinois Wesleyan University
View Dr. Ivan Sheehan, University of Baltimore
View Gabriel Sheffer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
View Mack Shelley II, Iowa State University
View Bryan Shelly, Wake Forest University
View Aleksandr Sherstobitov, Saint Petersburg State University
View Dorothy Shipps, Retired Associate Professor
View Arnold Shober, Lawrence University
View Arthur Shostak, Drexel University
View Douglas Shumavon, Retired
View Saba Siddiki, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
View Mara Sidney, Rutgers University at Newark
View Abigail Sigmon, Oregon State University
View Carol Silva, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
View James Simmons, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
View Jeanne Simon, Universidad de Concepcion
View Daljit Singh, Northcentral University
View Daljit Singh, University of Guam
View Pradeep Singh, BBAU LUCKNOW
View Henry Sirgo, McNeese State University
View Chris Skelcher, University of Birmingham
View Max Skidmore, University of Missouri-Kansas City
View Karen Smith, Campbellsville University
View Kevin Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
View Lyman Smith, University of Florida
View William Smith, RESULTS Educational Fund
View Zachary Smith, Northern Arizona University
View Galen Smith, III, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
View Leonid Smorgunov, St. Petersburg State University
View Iva Sokolovska, Oregon State University
View Ron Sokota, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany (SUNY)
View Geoboo Song, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
View Bonnie Stabile, George Mason University
View Helge Staff, University of Kaiserslautern
View Sarah Stafford, College of William and Mary
View Brent Steel, Oregon State University
View Toddi Steelman, North Carolina State University
View Mary Stegmaier, University of Virginia
View Tommy Steiner, Institute for Policy and Strategy, IDC Herzliya
View Kerry Stewart, University of North Georgia - Gainesville
View Joseph Stewart, Jr., Clemson University
View Inger Marie Stigen , Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
View Robert Stoker, George Washington University
View Keeley Stokes, University of Colorado
View Diane Stone, University of Warwick
View Urban Strandberg, University of Gothenburg
View Ryane Straus, College of Saint Rose
View Jeffrey Straussman, University at Albany
View Andrew Stritch, Bishop's University
View Donley Studlar, School of Government and Public Policy
View Donald Stull, University of Kansas
View Patricia Sullivan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
View Brendon Swedlow, Northern Illinois University
View Richard Sylves, University of Delaware
View Steven Sylvester, Utah Valley University
View Creso Sá, University of Toronto
View Araz Taeihagh, National University of Singapore
View Jordan Tama, American University
View Richard Tambulasi , University of Malawi
View David Tandberg, Florida State University
View Raymond Tatalovich, Loyola University Chicago
View Antonio Tavares, University of Minho
View Jami Taylor, University of Toledo
View Manuel "Manny" Teodoro, Texas A&M University
View Paul Teske, University of Colorado Denver
View John Thelin, University of Kentucky
View Craig Thomas, University of Washington, Seattle
View Darren Thomsen, St. John's University
View James Thurber, American University
View Arco Timmermans, Leiden University
View Fernando Toboso, University of Valencia
View Yvette Toma, New York University
View Mark Tompkins, University of South Carolina
View Laurence Toole, University of Georgia
View Rene Torenvlied, University of Twente
View Sarah Trousset, University of Oklahoma
View Justin Tucker, California State University, Fullerton
View Rama Mohana Turaga, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
View Shinya Ueno, Kumamoto University
View Dr. Krishnan Umachandran, NELCAST
View Kadir Ustun, SETA Foundation at Washington DC
View Mark Vail, Tulane University
View Walter Valdivia, The Brookings Institution
View Susanne Vandenbosch, RETIRED
View Steve Vanderheiden, University of Colorado at Boulder
View Danielle Varda, University of Colorado, Denver
View Frédéric Varone, Université de Genève
View Michael Veale, University College London
View Arnold Vedlitz, Texas A&M University
View Kristan Venegas, University of Southern California
View Sandra Vergari, State University of New York at Albany
View Nzino Munongo Victorine Ghislaine, MINRESI
View Juan Vieira, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
View Eran Vigoda-Gadot, University of Haifa
View Eduardo Villarreal, CIDE
View Aidan Vining, Simon Fraser University
View Livy Visano, York University
View Gianluigi Viscusi, EPFL
View Joseph Viteritti, Hunter College, CUNY
View Aaron Wachhaus, University of Baltimore
View Udaya Wagle, Western Michigan University
View Travis Wagner, Univeristy of Southern Maine
View Daniel Wakelee, California State University Channel Islands
View Charles Walcott, Virginia Tech
View Stefaan Walgrave, University of Antwerp
View Mildred Warner, Cornell University
View Yael Warshel, The Pennsylvania State University
View Elaine Warthen , Capella
View Richard Waterman, University of Kentucky
View Robert Watson, Lynn University
View William Waugh, Georgia State University
View David Webber, University of Missouri
View Edward Weber, Oregon State University
View Christopher Weible, University of Colorado, Denver
View David Weimer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
View Beth Weitzman, New York University
View S. Weldon, Purdue
View Jeffrey Wenger, The RAND Corporation
View Grant West, University of Arkansas
View Charles Whalen, Congressional Budget Office
View Joseph White, Case Western Reserve University
View Linda White, University of Toronto
View Andrew Whitford, University of Georgia
View Thomas Widmer, University of Zurich
View Andrew Williams, Old Dominion University
View Colin Williams, University of Sheffield
View Daniel Williams, Baruch College
View John Williamson, Boston College
View Timothy Williamson, Mankind's Challenge
View Søren Winter, SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research
View Christopher Wlezien, University of Texas at Austin
View Priscilla Wohlstetter, Teachers College, Columbia University
View Patrick Wolf, University of Arkansas
View Barbara Wolfe, University of Wisconsin, Madison
View Harold Wolman, George Washington University
View Denis Woods, Shepherd University
View Neal Woods, University of South Carolina
View Stephen Worae, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
View Samuel Workman, University of Oklahoma
View Andrew Worthington, Griffith University
View Richard Worthington, Pomona College
View Larry Wray, University of Missouri-Kansas City
View Dali Yang, University of Chicago
View Dvora Yanow, University of Amsterdam
View Hongtao Yi, The Ohio State University
View Peter Young, Griffith University
View Nikolaos Zahariadis, Rhodes College
View Michele Zebich-Knos , Professor Emeritus at Kennesaw State University; and Fellow, University of Vermont's Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security
View Silverio Zebral-Filho, Organization of American States - OAS
View Zhirong Zhao, University of Minnesota
View Pengyu Zhu, Boise State University
View Radwan Ziadeh, Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies
View Juan Zornoza, National University of Colombia
View Cheryl de Boer, University of Twente
View Erwin de Leon, The Urban Institute
View Joelmo de Oliveira, Science and Technology Ministry of Brazil
View Peter deLeon, University of Colorado, Denver
View Gül Özerol, University of Twente