Peter Charles John

University College London
Political Science

School of Public Policy
Gower Street
London, Greater Lodnon
United Kingdom
WC1E 6BT |  Visit Personal Website

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My research involves the use of experiments to carry out policy evaluations and to test what kinds of public interventions can promote pro-social behaviours on the part of citizens.

John, Peter. 2009. "Can citizen governance redress the representative bias of political participation?" Public Administration Review 69: 494-503.
Boyne, George, Oliver James and Nicolai Petrovsky. 2009. "Democracy and government performance: holding incumbents accountable in English local governments." Journal of Politics 71: 1-12.
Jennings, Will. "The dynamics of political attention: public opinion and the Queens Speech in the United Kingdom." American Journal of Political Science 53: 838-854.

Substantive Focus:
Governance PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY
Public Opinion