Stefaan Walgrave

University of Antwerp
Political Science

Sint-Jacobsstraat 2

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My research deals with agenda-setting, mainly with the agenda-setting power of mass media coverage. Theoretically, I'm interested in information-processing by political actors. Methodologically, my approach is mainly comparative drawing on data from different countries. I am a collaborator of the Comparative Agendas Project.

Walgrave, Stefaan, and Michiel Nuytemans. 2009. "Friction and Party Manifesto Change in 25 countries (1945-1998)." American Journal of Political Science 53 (1): 190-206.
Baumgartner, Frank R., Christian Breunig, Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Bryan D. Jones, Peter B. Mortensen, Michiel Nuytemans, and Stefaan Walgrave. 2009. "Punctuated Equilibrium In Comparative Perspective American." Journal of Political Science 53 (3): 602-619.
Walgrave, Stefaan, and Rens Vliegenthart. 2010. "Why Are Policy Agendas Punctuated? Friction and Cascading in Parliament and Mass Media in Belgium." Journal of European Public Policy 17 (8): 1145-1168.

Substantive Focus:
Comparative Public Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation