Dorothy Shipps

Retired Associate Professor

26 8th Avenue
Apartment 2
Brooklyn, NY

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Although retired as a teaching professor, I continue to write and consult in my areas of expertise: urban school district governance and ways to include parents and community resources in the active reforming of urban school systems. Most recently my writing and research have been on the implications of high stakes accountability for school principals in New York City, published in an edited volume as well as the on-line journal EPPA. Currently pursuing other writing projects that focus on Japan and China in 1920s and 1930s.

Shipps, D., and White, M. 2009. "A New Politics of the Principalship? Accountability-driven change in New York City." Peabody Journal of Education 84 (3): 350-373.
Shipps, D. 2009. "Updating tradition: The institutional underpinnings of modern mayoral control in Chicago." In When mayors take charge: School governance in the city, ed. J. P. Viteritti. Washington D.C.: Brookings Institution Press. p. 117-147
Shipps, D. 2003. "Pulling Together: Civic capacity and urban school reform." American Educational Research Journal 40 (4): 841-878.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy PRIMARY
Governance SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History PRIMARY
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY