Frederick M. Hess

American Enteprise Institute
Education Policy

1150 17th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
20036 |  Visit Personal Website

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Hess tackles a range of thorny questions in K-12 and higher education, addressing questions including leadership, accountability, school choice, the federal role, the use of research, teacher quality and voice, finance, technology, entrepreneurship, and civic values. Currently, he is particularly focused on what he terms the "missing half of school reform"-- all that school and system leaders can do even in the face of existing rules, regulations, and contracts. Recent books and ongoing work tackle the issues of the Common Core, the role of for-profit providers, and the way in which existing policies may stifle the emergence of new approaches to staffing. His primary current project looks at how teachers can constructively influence policymaking and the management of their schools and systems.

Hess, Frederic M. 2010. The Same Thing Over and Over: How School Reformers Get Stuck in Yesterday's Ideas. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
Hess, Frederick M., and Eric Osberg. 2010. Stretching the School Dollar: How Schools and Districts Can Save Money While Serving Students Best. Cambridge: Harvard Education Press.
Hess, Frederick M. 2010. Education Unbound: The Practice and Promise of Greenfield Schooling. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY