Matthew J. McKinney

The University of Montana
Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy

University Hall
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT

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My research focuses on shaping policy for people and places including urban, rural, working, and wild landscapes. I believe that the most effective way to do this is through public processes that are well informed and provide meaningful opportunities for all interested citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers to participate. To this end, I specialize in both process and substance. In addition to focusing on the fields of collaboration, and conflict resolution, I work on issues related to water policy and management, public land policy and management, land use planning, and transboundary resources. My research is designed to inform and invigorate policy discussions by providing timely, decision-relevant research and analysis. My research often builds on my practice of facilitating and mediating complex, multi-party dialogues on land and water issues. I am also committed to building and sharing knowledge to push the horizons of natural resources and environmental policy and governance.

McKinney, Matthew and Patrick Field. 2008. "Evaluating Community-based Collaboration on Federal Lands and Resources." Society and Natural Resources 21: 419-429.
McKinney, Matthew, et al. 2010. "Managing Transboundary Resources: An Assessment of the Need to Revise and Update the Columbia River Treaty." West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 16 (2): 307-350.
McKinney, Matthew, Lynn Scarlett, and Daniel Kemmis. 2010. Large Landscape Conservation: A Strategic Framework for Policy and Action. Cambridge: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Substantive Focus:
Law and Policy
Environmental Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History
Policy Process Theory
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation
Policy Analysis and Evaluation